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OAI pioneers innovative programs and initiatives within the marine environment that challenge our citizens, our veterans, and our youth into accomplishing goals and dreams together while serving the community for a better today and a successful tomorrow.


We're spreading the message of awareness while engaging the community with educational, vocational, and challenging programs and projects that provide for positive growth and patriotic values.


Together we stand, prepared and united, willing to reach out to our neighbors to help or to hold. Achieving positive goals for humanity and the environment.



OAI's projects are a bit outside-the-box and generally sport as much excitement and adventure as many extreme sports, but what we do isn't just for the fun of it... OAI's Marine Services Division mission is to be a valued tactical responder to our nation, our citizens, and our Caribbean neighbors in times of need and crisis.


Our newly formed and open to public participation division, International Marine Aid Foundation (IMAF), is America's source for maritime disaster preparation and post disaster response.


We're serious about our projects and our teams and crews are proud to be of service.



OAI's mission is and always has been to bring important awareness information to the youth of America. The message is simple... so simple that it's easily ignored, but OAI members are here to remind others, and to continue to spread the message of awareness about the danger in abusing opiate based prescription pain medications... done through service to the community.

Citizenship is Participation

We are all responsible... we are all responsible for our environment, for our community services, for our government, and we are all responsible for the success of our civilization.



Opiate Awareness Institute was established in 2011.

OAI is a Federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit charity focused on positive youth development. OAI is Dun & Bradstreet listed and a Federal SAM contractor. OAI is a registered Florida corporation and is a State of Florida contract recipient.

OAI is a perpetual entity consisting 100% volunteers, with the exception of OAI Marine Division professionals.


11125 Park Blvd

Suite 104-211

Seminole, FL 33772

(727) 614-5066

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