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Research Vessel SALA is prepping for an expedition into the Gulf of Mexico. Specifically, we are heading North of the Yucatan where we'll establish our outpost. Specific location will be disclosed with videos.

Along the way, we'll still seek out targets, shoot lots of video, and post updates wherever we find a broadband connection. Our side-scan sonar will remain active, and we will deploy the underwater  drone  at  the  first 


sign of anything interesting. We'll also explore as many "deserted" beachheads that we can access safely to video things like, what may have washed up to the high and storm tide lines.

Exciting underwater video will be captured with our deep diving Remote Underwater Video Drone. Don't miss the opportunity to see the footage and capture the excitement for yourself. To SUBSCRIBE to OAI's videos on YouTube, go here:

OAI Marine on YouTube

What is the Expedition about?

Who will take part in the Expedition?

What information is going to be disclosed?

How are positive results from the Expedition going to benefit the organization or the public?

For the answers to these questions... and more,
you'll have to wait as this page is currently under development.


Jan 2023

Mar 2023

May 2023
Gulf of Mexico sunken wrecks mapping & ID

Drone investigation on identified & unidentified wrecks

Selection and recovery efforts on target wrecks

Sound exciting? Want to take part in some way? Give us a shout... we're always up to something.

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