The time for preparedness is here. Vast and serious changes are taking place in our socio-economical society, as well as cyclic ecological changes that will affect everything.

This information isn't new, secret or hidden, and is well documented by hundreds of sources over a vast amount of time. BUT, the information isn't shared or publicly taught, and if anyone outside of the "club" and it's designees tries to publicize or make the masses aware of it... they are silenced.

The following sections will venture down a couple of the primary "rabbit holes" that are sure to affect everyone. Most of the "circumstances" outlined here are well documented, and should be pretty much obvious once one realizes one's true value to the "masters of society"... And once you at least suspect you might be on a farm.

There will be links embedded in the text to some public sources that have more detailed information as it relates to the topic they are presented with. Additionally, when complete, references will have footnotes at bottom of page.


Solar Cycles, Galactic Cycles, and What The "Rulers" Know
Earth, as a planet in the solar system, is experiencing some cycles that have taken place for eons. We have solar cycles, galactic cycles and solar system cycles.

On a galactic scale, there is a 12,000 year galactic cycle known as the galactic wave. Emitting from the center of the universe like spiral arms extending out from a rotating center, similar in configuration to a solar system of its own. Observers have noted that there is a galactic wave between the arms peeking at 12,000 years with a 6,000-year trough between. As these galactic waves encounter stars in its never ending wave pattern path, things happen. The galactic wave is currently upon us and this intensifies solar cycles from our star.

There isn't much public information about this subject although it is probably the most important of them all. Multiple videos, along with plenty of documentation, can all be found at the Suspicious Observers website.

(Yes, the 0 is a zero)

Our 400 year solar cycle has us going into what is known as the Grand Solar Minimum. The Sun also participates in an 11-year cycle, strengthening and weakening over an 11 year cycle, and in direct relation with the orbit of Jupiter, coincidentally enough.

Although, most of the information, or at least the value of it is quite vague to the general public. What is important to remember, is that a powerful enough CME, coronal mass ejection, or micro Nova from the Sun will change everything. The digital prison will end.

EMP in the form of gamma rays, x-rays and a good spectrum of microwaves would hit the Earth in a range from 8 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the wavelength & duration, taking out most of the grid, devices, and exposed wiring at the very least. Even if ejecta from a CME isn't coming our way, the event would still be catastrophic.


"By ANY MEANS Necessary"
If you are one of those that just cannot accept that population control has been utilized by those that believe they rule this world, then you are probably on the wrong page.

It wouldn't take much research to discover that things like the "Spanish Flu", most wars, and Rockefeller Medicine through the decades has a dark agenda. Billy Boy Gates hasn't any issue telling those who'll listen that depopulation is critically important.

For decades the water, food, air and minds have been 
poisoned. Every effort is made to disrupt normal sexual activity, have families, have babies...

The depopulation agenda among the "elites" dates back for centuries. Aristotle and his group wrote about it extensively. The elites have utilized the financial system to create wars for hundreds of years. Hence, the expression all wars are banker wars.

It is only more recently that the elites, through corporations and manipulation of both the political and Justice systems, by bribery and blackmail, have grown their power. The entire education system, medical system through the education system, had been infiltrated, redirected and is now in the control of those same powers.

We, as adults, and our children now, have been and are being taught lies on the most part. The history is not real. The science isn't real. And the construct of reality just isn't real, yet the masses embrace it, making it real in that respect.

The selection of who they want to live and who they want to die is simple. They want to control the masses. They want to control the economy. They want slaves, whether they have to modify the genome to get them or not. The volunteers slaves are welcome, and they're resistant slaves will be converted or killed.



"Control the Food & Control the People"
Do you really think it's a coincidence that multiple vectors of assault are attacking our food supply? A mass culling of food source animals worldwide, destruction of crops worldwide, destruction of food processing plants worldwide, and political policy changes worldwide that prevent or inhibit the restoration or advancement of natural food sources is all just a coincidence. Nothing to see here.

For years foods have been stripped of nutritional content. Specific nutrients that are critical to human development have been purposefully removed from food sources. What is taking place in the obvious now is not new, only accelerated because the perpetrators timeline has changed more recently.

In the world economic forum meetings, all of which were videotaped and are available at the world economic forums website, they specifically said they are accelerating their timeline, and they will create their reset utilizing starvation, deprivation, fear and conquest. It doesn't take eyes wide open to see what is going on, but it does take escaping years of brainwashing and mind control to accept it..

The food scarcity issue will get extremely bad leading to starvation for millions before they introduce their solution of fake consumables utilizing printed foods from insect proteins and plant proteins. These foods will also contain the chemicals required to maintain control over the human species. Combined with mind control that has been taking place for decades, the majority of people will be imprisoned by that societal reality.

Many prepper channels and survivalists are all recommending growing your own gardens, but rest assured they will prevent that by chemical means, totalitarian means utilizing changes in laws, and societal manipulation with corporate media and social media. They'll always come up with the reason of why one cannot be self-sufficient even if they have to take away resources that make it possible by other means. Do not believe for an instant that you can exist as an individual, self-supportive and away from the changes that are taking place. After they come for your neighbors while you are hiding, when they are finished with them, they will come for you.

Those who do not stand up, or prepare to stand up at least, are already joining the herd, but they'll be in the back of the line and just don't know it yet. Sure, grow a garden while you still can... stow food while you still can... BUT, speak out while you still can.

Take Sri Lanka for example. Near 4 years ago the world economic forum chose Sri Lanka to implement the ESG agenda. In 2020 they forbade the use of fertilizer, and despite how much we all would love organic food, they were unable to grow the crops. What happened next? There is no food. They didn't grow tea which was their major export and therefore the country had no money to trade and could not get energy. What happens without food and energy? Revolution, revolt and a whole lot of suffering.

ESG is not an attempt to preserve or restore the environment. ESG is Central Planning. Environmental and social governance telling everyone what to do, where to do it, how much, if at all... Only the rich, the powerful and those that consider themselves the elites would want this, but the sheep do nothing.

"I'm only one of 7 billion, what can I do?" "They" are less than 100,000, what can they do if we say "no"? What can you do? You can open your mouth, raise your voice.. if only to your co-workers, family and friends. Start conversations.


"Control the Money & Control the World"

There is so much to say about the financial system, worldwide, that it's hard to begin, and hard to explain in a reasonable amount of time. This is the one thing that should have been taught in school, but if you control the schools to control the people, then of course you wouldn't want to teach it.

At the beginning of each era in time and history, Silver and Gold are the financial instruments that everyone has had faith in. Silver has always been used as a means of exchange, hand-to-hand, and gold was a store of value and expression of wealth. Historically, in every civilization as the elites of previous times (same bloodlines as today) grow in power, infiltrate governments, and take control, they then destroy the existing civilization. To achieve that they have always debased the currency from silver and gold to an un-backed Fiat monetary system. Then they produce multitudes of that currency, distributed among themselves, and subsequently by up as much real resources as possible. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where that leads to.. especially after decades of wash-rinse-repeat.

Time and time again the evil entities of our planet have attempted to completely control financial systems to control the world. We cannot legitimately claim that it was done by any one country, as in Rome, Great Britain, and now the United States, for a country is but geographical location.

It is always been the elites, or those who think they run the world, who have tried time and again to completely dominate societies. What makes this time somewhat different is the worldwide coordination of it. The US dollar, as a world currency has dominated more of the world than any other currency in the past. Historically, even when the British pound or way back when Rome hosted the world currency, people still traded in weight of gold and weight of silver as well as one commodity for another.

Times have changed and the evil elites of the world are going to take advantage, praying to their evil-god hoping that they will be able to succeed this time. Every form of destruction is taking place at once. The people will not know what to think because there are so many thoughts, theories and deceptions afoot. This time will be different and despite history not repeating precisely, it will still rhyme with time.

The only solution for the commoner to avoid devastation and subsequent slavery is to own silver and gold. Silver primarily because the greatest lies ever told are about the availability and value of silver... But, we won't go into that here. Of course, having land is somewhat of a hedge against what's coming, but should their plan succeed they will be coming after the personally held properties. Just like how they use regulation and rules to put farmers and other resource providers out of business now, they will find ways to get personally held property later. I guess that all really depends on whether the people stand up before it reaches that point. But, rest assured if the people don't stand up, it will reach that point.

It doesn't take a genius to see what's been done to the financial system and where it's going from here with full intentions. But, it does take a mind that hasn't been brainwashed to believe the overseer's and slave masters' lies. It will take voices speaking out where others of like minds can hear so that conversations can ensue, while those that see what's going on can also see that they are not the only one who noticed that the emperor has no clothes. The opposition will create more opposition, fighting harder to achieve their goal, but their success is totally dependent upon our failure.

All it requires for evil to succeed is for the good people to do nothing.


Are You Believing This Bull?

Rockefeller medicine... Brought to you by John Rockefeller, the leader of the eugenics philosophy. It doesn't take a critical thinker figure that one out, but surprisingly enough it escapes the thought processes of billions.

Shunned and eventually outlawed in the medical arena are the nutriceuticals, nutrient science and a lot of common sense. Replaced by poisons, chemicals and much ignorance. But, we have to trust the science, right? After all, proper nutrients and herbs, botanicals and natural elements could not possibly be good for you, could they?

Let's instead, create chemicalized derivatives of these natural remedies, and remove all possible cures so we can replace them with ongoing treatments. And if any of that sounds a bit far-fetched then one might consider following the speeches and presentations given by members of the world economic forum and the pharmaceutical industry. They make no special effort to hide their intentions and methods, knowing that the sheeple just won't get it, and those that hear it, don't believe it. Totally bizarre...

Anyone that has been paying even a shred of attention to what appears to be a biological and psychological war against the human population and isn't at least a little suspect, should just take a another handful of blue pills and go back to sleep. And, those that think Ivermectin (parasite killer) is just horse paste because they said so on mainstream media... and those that run out and get the latest injection, while also consuming processed foods & drinks all day & night; should just keep watching their idiot boxes for the latest programming.

As for the rest of us, as few as we are it seems, there is much that we can do.

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Patience Grasshopper...


Power & Water

If you are fortunate enough to live on a shoreline, either saltwater, lake water, river water or even swamp water, then you are fortunate indeed if you prepare.

The following example is small scale. The reason for small scale is to make it a viable potential for anyone. It would not be difficult to increase the scale to conform to greater needs. But the objective of the example is to provide a formula for the solution. The example is for the generation of power in the creation of water.

The idea of preparation is to acquire things now that you may need later, and at minimal expense. Without detailing many specifics, leaving research of particulars to the reader, the following is suggested.

A few hundred Watts minimum of solar panels. When it comes to solar panels, the higher the voltage output is preferable. Solar panels must be hooked up to a solar controller that regulates the solar power into DC power, and most decent solar controllers will accept various voltages from 12 volt to 48 volt. Utilizing solar panels greater than the intended storage voltage is ideal because when the panel is not collecting full sun and only having 30 and 40% efficiency dusk and dawn or cloud cover, they still could be delivering well over 12 or 14 volts and therefore providing a charge. If you're using a 12 volt panel, you won't get that on a 12 volt system in those conditions. I recommend using 12 volt batteries for storage, therefore having a 12 volt base system, and would recommend at least 24 or 36 volt panels to power it.

The 12 volt batteries should be at least gel cells, 100 amp hours each, and a minimum of two of them, connected parallel to one another. Recommended also is a power bar, for each positive and negative, so that devices are not connected directly to batteries. The batteries feed the power bar, the solar feeds the power bar, feeding also the batteries as well as any devices, and devices or equipment such as an inverter draw from the power bar.

Suggested also is a minimum 1000 w inverter, and that should not run constantly with a draw over 500 watts. Always, if possible, only put half draw on things like inverters and generators for long periods of time and they will last much longer. Something like a refrigerator only takes a large draw when the compressor kicks in, and much less to keep it going. It's important to look at the electrical labels on your devices and understand amps, watts, and volts. It's not quantum science or extremely difficult to understand.

If you want to make water from salt water, lake water or other unclean water sources, you will probably require 2 to 3000 Watts of output power on an inverter to run a high pressure pump. The low pressure pump could run on the 12 volts, or low amp draw 120 volt.

The process for making a desalination system, or if you have a somewhat fresh-er water source is as follows. The only difference between the two is the type of reverse osmosis membrane required. A brackish water membrane is a little cheaper, and that would be used for any unclean water situation that is not saltwater.

A pre-pump to deliver the water source through a standard three-stage filtration is required. Even a bilge pump would work in most cases. Small diaphragm pumps can be used if there is no debris in the water. After a normal three stage of 5 micron to one micron to carbon filter, the water would flow to a pressure pump. A pressure pump can be obtained simply by utilizing a small pressure washer, cost in about $100 on Amazon.

From the pressure washer, the water would be sent to the RO membrane (salt water membrane or brackish water membrane), with the pure H2O going to your water stowage/use and wastewater returning back to the supply source. It is suggested for you to use high pressure brake tubing, made from nylon, and metal push to connect connectors can also be used. The greatest pressure is between the HP pump and RO membrane. Obviously, it will take a little research to understand the mechanics, but given the benefits of having an unlimited supply of water driven by free power, it's something worth learning.

And a total long-term grid down situation, many of your neighbors may have worked out some electricity, but very few will have water. Having water could make you new friends and have a barter item that is worthy.