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Prepare R/V Sala for Service

OAI's New Addition to Our Marine Resources
The Vessel
Despite this fine vessel's outstanding engines, new gen-set, gauges & panels. The vessel was in the process of an interior renovation when we picked her up. We've done quite a bit, keeping it simple, basic & less expensive. There is much yet to be done, and still some service equipment to be added. Although quite serviceable now, she will, however, be in active duty status by the beginning of 2023.

The 16' V-hull heavy duty aluminum service boat is currently awaiting another engine in the 40hp range, as the old motor we had finally went to outboard heaven. We hope to obtain funding for this expense as well as some remaining outfitting for projects. Of course, we are all in the same boat... "If we only had the money, look what we could do". But, we do the best we can with what we have, huh? That's the mariner's way.

Plastics in the Gulf Around Florida

Ground Plastics Turn to Micro-Plastics and Affect Every Life Form
Opiate Awareness Institute marine unit is implementing a unique program to address environmental micro-plastic contamination in the Gulf of Mexico. By collecting samples from coral, fish, etc. we can determine the contamination level, affected areas AND, hopefully determine a method to deal with it, Data is important to get the people's and the media's attention. That's the start... Let's see where it can go from here.

Marine Archaeology 

"Arrr... Thar Be Treasure Out There"
While performing serious projects such as micro-plastic studies, we love to explore and seek out underwater treasures. Old wrecks in the Gulf are in the hundreds with at least half undiscovered. With Spanish treasure fleets lost and pirate vessels sunk by hurricanes, there's a lot to discover out there. The massive areas of obtainable depths make discovery and recovery a great possibility. Maybe a little more than a hobby, but, of course, the serious work takes priority.

Hemp Farming & "Hempcrete" Production

Puerto Rico & Other Island Communities
In addition to removing & recycling the plastic to building material, we are encouraging the island communities to plant and grow industrial hemp. The natural tropic environment is far more ideal than northern grown hemp. The hemp would be more robust and 2-3 crops a year can be produced.

Hemp production is the new industry of the upcoming decade, providing "hempcrete", which is stronger, lighter, cheaper and easier to make than concrete, while providing a cash-crop export of hemp fiber to the US mainland and other countries. 

The World's Greatest Challenge

Plastic "Recycling" is a Lie
The Lie
But, there are real world solutions to recycle by re-purposing the waste material. But, we will need to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging. And, we all know the big corporations won't like that one bit.

It's not going to be easy... it never is, but it's what we do.

We aren't publishing our plan on that.. not yet anyway. Way too dangerous.

"No good deed goes unpunished."
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