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OAI has always been a resource for addiction relapse prevention. We strive to work with our community youth and youth organizations to help recovering addicts to find new direction and seek out adventures where they have never gone before. To escape the triggers of relapse, these youths must change their lives. OAI provides a platform to escape to a whole new world, filled with challenge and excitement. There are opportunities for new career paths and completely new directions of thought. Youths get plenty of vitamin SEA at OAI.

R/V Awareness Won

OAI's programs are definitely different. All 3 of our kids participated in last year's sailing program. They had a great time, but now they want to buy a sailboat.

--Donna M.


I want to thank OAI's teen sailors for rescuing my fishing boat as it drifted of to John's Pass late one night. Apparently I didn't have the lift high enough, but their sharp eye saved me from a lot of grief. Thank you guys... I'm glad you're in the neighborhood.

-- Jeff T.


OAI's research vessel has been a tremendous asset to raising the sunken derelict boats from our harbors and estuaries. Thank you for the community service. We noticed your volunteers have been more effective than some professed experts. Keep up the good work.

-- FWC Lieutenant


We at the Town-n-Country Neighborhood Center want to thank OAI for the wonderful presentation and gifts for the kids here. We can see the impact it has had and only wish the information could get to everybody.

-- Sgt. Fred L.


Walmart thanks OAI for their community service. We are proud to support your challenging programs, and our employees enjoyed working with your teens. We hope to participate more.

-- Bay Pines Walmart


Thank you Captain Ron for teaching us how to sail this summer. Sailing is the most fun my brother and I ever had. We want to go with you on any of your boats again. You are the best captain ever!!!

-- Sean & Bobby K.


Thanks to all you guys and gals at OAI. Volunteering for the organization has been my vehicle for sobriety and after each time I find myself smiling for days. Anytime you need my help, please call me. I look forward to it as my own personal adventure.

-- Dave B.

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