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OAI is over 6,000 members strong and growing daily. We are your neighbor, the store clerk, the nurse, the homemaker, the college student, the salesman, the lawyer, the policeman, and thousands of individuals who believe in strength through unity, and who believe that we can save countless lives by spreading the message of awareness while contributing to our community. Join OAI today... membership is free and open to the public, and it has it's privileges.


OAI's Marine Services Division has been recovering and disposing of large marine debris in cooperation with NOAA's Large Debris Awareness initiative and the FWC's Derelict Vessel program. We've recovered over 18 tons of marine debris from estuaries and anchorages from Clearwater to Key West. This perpetual program has been adopted by many OAI members and has inspired other clean-up campaigns from our member base. We are all custodians of our environment... Take care of our old mother and she will care for us.

OAI and volunteers raised this Trophy and a Chris Craft from Boca Ciega Bay, an estuary in Pinellas county.
OAI Vessel Salvage
OAI and volunteers raised this old shrimp boat in Stock Island, where it was blocking a hard-to-access fishing channel for local residents.
OAI Vessel Recovery

OAI's many campaigns engaging our community, veterans, disabled veterans, youths & youth groups, into positive and constructive activities to benefit our communities, allows for the strengthening of family and American values and broadens horizons along the way. Supporting OAI and our outreach programs helps America stay strong through encouraging community support, contributions and involvement.

Organized Campaign Summaries
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